Lady Cameron’s Letter to Monsieur de Fombelle

dimanche 10 juin 2012
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Monsieur de Fombelle,

I am deeply sorry to write it down : you annoyed me intensely by writing these Vango books !

How dare you depict me as a greedy aristocrat with no manners ? Just as if I were only interested in grabbing poor young Ethel’s inheritance, only focused on the inventory of her dead parents’ paintings at Everland Manor...

Regarding that unlikely fox-hunt by car you write about in your barefoot novel (this Vango character of yours cannot even seem to be able to wear or keep a proper pair of shoes, walking bare feet in Pollara as well as in Lakehurst, New-Jersey during the 1929 Crisis !) in which you (HOW DARE YOU DO THAT ?) depict me as an old sponge cake mired in the mud... You overstep the bounds, Monsieur Timothee de Fombelle !

I am therefore pleased to annouce that I have called your British publisher and that I have asked Lady Fairfax of Cameron -my dear cousin- to send my biography to help your English translator correct the mistakes of your books.

I could not find the tiniest reference to your lands, lairdship or name in any of the terrestrial and celestial maps of the Royal Geographical Society. Be that as it may, as far as the French publisher who took the risk of publishing Vango is concerned, Sir Cameron, my great grand nephew will ask a substantial reduction of your wages. I am sorry to have to write it down, Monsieur de Fombelle : despite historical references and evidence, your Vango is quite a fairy tale, compared to your Tobie Alone ....

Unsincerely Yours,

Lady Cameron