"Superior Saturday" by Garth Nix

Wednesday 13 May 2009
by  Josh
popularity : 1%

Want to read some fantasy that doesn’t feel like The Lord of the Rings regurgitated? Look no further than Garth Nix’s The Keys to the Kingdom cycle – now onto its sixth installment and still going strong.

Arthur Penhaligon, a young boy drawn into a whole new world the day he was supposed to die, finds himself placed on a quest in which he must free the seven parts of the Will, and defeat the seven Morrow Days to take back their the Keys to the Kingdom. In the five prequels he has managed to defeat the five Morrow days that go with them, but this one is going to prove to be the most difficult yet: not only is "Superior Saturday" the most powerful of them all, she is also waiting for Arthur. He will have to infiltrate her domain and defeat her. To accomplish this he will have to make costly sacrifices, dangerous choices and trust the right people. Will the Will of the Architect be accomplished, or will the whole universe collapse into the void of Nothing?

As the penultimate book in the series, "Superior Saturday" resolves some of the mysteries left by its prequels, but not all. Readers will discover more about Arthur’s bitter arch enemy; but also about Arthur himself.

"Superior Saturday" is definitely the fastest book in the series so far; the pace kicks off in the first chapter with a nuclear bomb threat and barely slows down from there! This book has all the qualities that made its prequels so successful, the most important of which are Nix’s signature humor, irresistible originality and incredibly fluid storyline.

"Superior Saturday" is a highly enjoyable novel that fans are sure to rip through without a second’s pause. A decidedly superior read.