"The Good People" by Steve Cockayne

Wednesday 13 May 2009
by  Manon V
popularity : 2%

Looking for a thrilling adventure story, something to ’take you to other worlds’? Well give "The Good People" by Steve Cockayne a try.

This is the story of two young boys, Robert and Kenneth Storey, living in Hedley House, in England, during World War II. But the boys spend most of their time away from Hedley House- and far from the real world- in the magical land of Arboria. However, war hits not only England, but Arboria, where their ancient enemies, the Barbarians, are preparing to attack. The boys struggle to keep Arboria safe.

But Kenneth’s problems don’t end with the Barbarians’ attacks. As he grows, Kenneth must learn to make the distinction between the real world and fantasy, and to leave his childhood behind. But should he really leave it all behind, or is Arboria more than a figment of his imagination? Maybe "Not all games are innocent".

A delightfully well written story with intriguing and gripping characters, where two worlds are exceptionally melted together and intermingle. A must-read for all lovers of history and fantasy.