"Forever" by Judy Blume

Wednesday 13 May 2009
by  Meryl D
popularity : 2%

“‘I love you, Michael Wagner.’ ‘Forever?’ he asked. ‘Forever,’ I said. ”

When Katherine and Michael meet at a New Year’s Eve party, the attraction between them is instantaneous. Attraction grows to love, and to an intense relationship in which Katherine and Michael are wholly involved with each other. As their relationship deepens, the issue of sex comes up, brought up by Michael’s gentle suggestions. But Katherine expects a lot from her first experience, and responds to his invitations with reserve and uncertainty. She thinks it through carefully as she knows "you can’t go back to holding hands" once the first step has been made. When Michael and Kath finally do make love with each other, they promise each other their love will be "forever." However, separated for the summer by work and parental authority, Katherine discovers the limits of their relationship and finds herself fighting against her own desires. The plot also includes the relationship between Erica, Katherine’s best friend, and Michael’s friend Artie, who is unsure about his own sexuality.

Written from Katherine’s point of view, with a simple teenage-like language, the story evolves mainly around young love and the first sexual relationship. It sees its main character, Katherine, gain confidence and mature as she discovers that "forever" does not always mean "everlasting".

“Forever” is an honest and sensitive novel that explores the way teenagers deal with changes and growing up, giving an outlook on love and sexual relationships. If you are looking for an easy teen novel about love and truth, then “Forever” is made for you.