"The Lottery" by Beth Goobie

Wednesday 13 May 2009
by  Brooke B
popularity : 2%

"You know how it works. Everyone co-operates. Everyone wants a victim, Sally...and now it’s your turn."

A coffin filled with everyone’s name in the school, a Shadow Council, and a clarinet case; all ingredients to ruin your life.

Saskatoon Collegiate School is being run by the most popular, most powerful and most deadly students who call themselves "The Shadow Council". Each year they hold "The Lottery" a dreaded tradition which picks one student from the school to become the victim, a person who is ignored by the rest of the school and forced to become the Shadow Council’s slave.

This year Sally becomes the victim, facing the worst year of her life. Her friends desert her one by one, and she has to perform all the Shadow Council’s "requests" or get punished, humiliated and forced to do even worse tasks. As her tasks get harder and harder to complete, more sinister and with horrifying consequenses Sally begins to realise that it is not just bad luck which obliged her to become the victim, but something a lot more ominous.

Sally must rebel and find out what the reason is, for she is hurting people with the tasks she has to carry out. But when she finds out the heart-stopping truth, she begins to wonder whether or not it is wise to question the works of The Shadow Council.

I recommend this book to anybody, from boys to girls, from teenagers to adults. To anybody who’s heart didn’t miss a beat or who forgot about the book as soon as finishing it, I suggest you read it again.