"Ingo" by Helen Dunmore

Wednesday 13 May 2009
by  Lindsay M
popularity : 2%

’“Let go,” says Faro again. “Let go, Sapphire. Leave the Air. Let go, or you’ll drown.” His words boom in my ears. ’Leave the Air, leave the Air.’ Can I do it, like Faro? How can I leave the Air? I’m not Mer, I’m human.’

When their dad mysteriously disappears after a boat ride late at night in the sea, Connor and Sapphire have a good idea where he might be. A magical place called Ingo.

Ingo is beautiful but a very dangerous underwater world. All those who manage to cross the skin separating it from the real world, have to be prepared to let go of Air, and forget about their friends and families.

One day, after following her brother down to the cove, Sapphire realises that this is where he is spending his time. A couple of nights later, Sapphire has the impression that she is being pulled towards the sea. This is when she meets Faro, and his sister Elvira. They introduce her to the magnificent world of Ingo. However beautiful Ingo might be, every second spent there is a risk. Time is not the same. One hour in Ingo could be one day in the real world. Sapphire and Connor soon realise that Ingo is no joke, and as they voyage deeper and deeper into Ingo, they become less and less attached to their own world. However, while they’re peaceful in Ingo, this doesn’t bother them. What they don’t know, is that the more time spent in Ingo, the less chance they have of getting out.

After discovering what the people of Ingo are prepared to do to protect their world from divers, Sapphire and Connor know that they must do something to save them. Will they manage? Or will they get trapped in Ingo forever?

This book is a fun easy read, that will appeal to not only young children, but teenagers and adults too. It is the first book of the trilogy, followed by "The Tide Knot" and "The Deep". When you open this book, you will be thrown in to a tantalisingly beautiful and dangerous world of adventure under the sea.