’Millions’ by Frank Cotrell Boyce

mercredi 13 mai 2009
par  Alice N
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’Millions’ captures your imagination from the first page and between the distinctive characters and unexpected turns in the plot, you will find yourself on an emotional roller-coaster, feeling constantly amused, touched or even shocked.

Damian Cunningham, a young and sensitive boy of great conscience, is the main character in this both funny and touching story. After his mother’s death, Damian becomes deeply religious and develops a passion for Saints. He uses their stories as a guide to life, and throughout the story, several Saints visit him and become characters in the book, as ‘Saints are like television. They’re everywhere.’

This poignant loss in his life causes him, his older brother Anthony and his widowed father, to move to a new house. He builds a small hermitage out of cardboard by the railway line, and one night, a bag filled with millions of pound notes falls from the sky into his secret lair. Damian is persuaded that this treasure is a direct gift from God in sympathy for the death of his mother, but as the story unravels, we then discover the truth about this unbelievable find..

Damian’s discovery comes at a time when England is about to change its currency and join the Euro. He and his brother have to hide the money from their father and spend it as quickly as possible, before it becomes worthless. However, they each have different ideas on how to spend the money and they soon discover that having a lot of money is more challenging than either of them could have anticipated. For not only are they under strict time pressure, but incompetent bank robbers are not far behind..

This story is light and entertaining, as it is written from a young and naive child’s point of view, yet it talks about complicated and grown-up issues which Frank Boyce has managed to explain in an intelligible way, making the book both accessible to and enjoyable for readers of various ages. Frank Boyce has created a gripping and fast-paced novel that will keep you hooked to the final page.