"The Drowning Pond" by Catherine Forde

Wednesday 13 May 2009
by  Daniel B
popularity : 1%

This new book, by acclaimed author Catherine Forde, is a raw and painfully believable story of teenage hardship; boiling with anger and pain, it depicts the story of young Nicola "Nicky" Nevin, a fifteen year old girl who desperately thrives to be friends with Isabella, the "it" girl of the school. Once her new friend’s attention starts to wane however, she will take desperate measures to hold on to her… and who is better to pick on than “Lousy” Lizzie Brown? No one. Why though, does she keep muttering when people tease her? How come terrible things happen to these people afterwards, but above all, could this be her doing?

‘The Drowning Pond’ explores an extreme side of human nature; a nature in which the only way to get what you want is by being blatantly evil and macabre. This fast paced moral thriller is sure to inspire you as much as it is sure to disturb you and the slightly mysterious and mystical side of it all is the small stone that starts the avalanche of suspense, deceit, anger and evil.

The fact that the story is unveiled from different points of view adds to the sheer force of the bite this book will give you. You will see the world as the characters see it and this is not always as interesting as it is enraging when you see how little they care for each other deep down.

This is a story made to shock and if you are not ready for a heart wrenching and tough thriller you might as well give up and turn to the adventure section.