Dear Alexandra,

samedi 20 décembre 2008
par  Louis V
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Thank you so much for your wonderful letter. I was so glad that you wrote to me, especially after my red elves told me how well you were getting on at school this year. Did you know that millions of children send me Christmas letters every year, and I read every one.

This year Alexandra, the Elves and I have been very busy. It’s all because of the cold, windy weather here at the North Pole. Not long ago, on the 1st of December, there was the biggest snow storm you could imagine. Now, I know it can get very cold in Romania, but during all of that day, all around my house, it just snowed, and snowed. It snowed so much that it reached the top of the elves’ heads and all of them who were outside got stuck in it. Thankfully, I managed to bring them all back inside, so they’re getting better in the warmth of my home. But now, the rest of the elves have to work overtime to get all the presents ready by Christmas Eve.

My Reindeer have been very busy too this year. They’re training to lift off, fly, and land. You might not know this Alexandra, but it is incredibly difficult for reindeer to fly in groups because they’re always crashing into each other. Most of them behave (like Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, Donder, Cupid, and Rudolf, who guides them), but Dancer, Comet and Blitzen are always causing trouble. I just hope they’ll have trained enough by Christmas Eve.

So Alexandra, you would like a colouring book this Christmas. I love colouring books, but I hardly ever have any time to do one, you see, because I’m always so busy. I think that asking for a colouring book is a great choice, especially since you have been doing so well at school. I can’t promise you a one though ; because lots of children wanted one this year ; but I shall try my best to get you one.

After Christmas, like every year, we are planning a huge party were everyone gets to have a rest, a hot drink, and not work. But then, like every year, we start working again to get everything ready for the following Christmas. Even though it’s tiring, I love what I do, because there’s nothing more rewarding for me than a smile on a child’s face. Thank you again for your fantastic letter. And don’t forget to send me another one next year. Ho ! Ho ! Ho !

Have a wonderful Christmas, Santa Claus


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