Dear Kayin

Thursday 18 December 2008
by  Thibault M
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I was very please to receive your wonderful letter. You must know that I love getting news from kids who think about me. I will love to receive other letters, but don’t worry if I don’t answer them, because I’ll read them anyway. By the way, I love Transformers too! It is such a good movie. I always wondered how those cars got into robots. Mrs. Claus doesn’t like it. She says I shouldn’t watch those kinds of movies. Anyway...

Here, as you might know, tons of things are happening, and I am overwhelmed. But happily, I got my little elves to help me around. What would I do without them? You must know that it is deadly freezing here. There have been a lot of snowstorms lately, and the weather is nearly -50°C! Once the stable roof fell in, and the reindeer had to sleep in the factory. They started to get a habit with chewing the barbies and the Action men. So now, we are behind schedule, and the elves have extra work putting everything in order again.

As poor Mrs. Claus, she slipped and broke her arm, and can’t cook anymore. So now, I am taking cooking lessons, with my two new little elves, Jamie and Delia, who are now my cooking teachers, because someone has to do it! My wife says the result is a huge disaster. And I must admit that I eat half of the ingredients. I can’t help it! I tried to make chocolate chip cookies, and the chocolate looked so good that I ate it all. So the chocolate chip cookies had no more chocolate! Did you know the reindeer are going to be part of a fashion show? They will be wearing all the latest Chanel designers clothes, such as the boots, stables, ear muffs, bells, and much more. You should see how excited they are.

Mrs. Claus complains because I’ve put on weight, and she is worried that I might get stuck down a chimney, so she has decided to put me on a diet. Anyway, if I get stuck, my reindeer will just have to push. Don’t worry if you don’t have a chimney. I’ll just have to use my magical keys that open every door.Oh, by the way, the reindeer will be grateful if you would leave them some carrots and water... And I’d love some milk and cookies ( but don’t tell my wife). Don’t forget to stay asleep, or the magic won’t work.

Santa Claus