Half Moon Investigations by Eoin Colfer

Monday 26 May 2008
by  ChrisDHDR
popularity : 2%

"Half Moon Investigations" is a book like no other. Set in the 3rd millenium, it centres around the school and social life of Fletcher Moon, alias "Half Moon", the local amateur crime detective.

As we watch Fletcher work on the crime of his life, we discover bit by bit his hardships in and out of school : unpopularity, fights, spoilt brats, a drama queen sister, a worry wart mother and an all to austere father.

But then he receives an offer to find a piece of hair and suddenly he’s no longer solving a petty crime, but is going to have to put all those problems aside and dive into the deep end to solve the "biggest case of his life". Though once a cute girl is part of the picture, will he be able to let his emotions take a back seat and concentrate on the prospect ahead or pull out in order to save her...............?

While telling an excellent story, Eoin Colfer shows us what children’s school and social life can sometimes be like, telling it partially through the eyes of ’Red’, enemy turned friend of Fletcher’s, but mostly via the genius detective Fletcher "Half" Moon.

"Unputdownable" and "terrifically well written" are only a handful of reasons why to read this brilliant and spellbinding book.