BLAME MY BRAIN by Nicola Morgan

lundi 26 mai 2008
par  Rémi R
popularité : 2%

Fantastic book written for all ages, about how all adolescents change in their passage from a child to an adult. Well written, comprehensible and fascinating, it explains to the readers how it works inside the brain of teenager and that everyone HAS to pass that stage :"All parents were once perfect teenagers".

Nicola Morgan organizes her book in a great way : we see distinctly all the different possibilities of stages that a teenager can go through and at what age. She first gives an example :"Meet Sam the teenager who can’t go out of bed " (she than gives a story).

Her style is totally different to that of a "normal" can find some notes that have nothing or barely nothing to do with what he is writing. Or some funny facts that she adds just for fun. All these small details make the book interesting even though it might be long sometimes.