Billy Elliot by Melvin Burgess

Monday 26 May 2008
by  Nikita B
popularity : 2%

If you’re a reader who needs a heart-warming, amusing story, then ’Billy Elliot’ is for you. This novel is a unique story of passion, misun- derstanding and family life which is universally understood, no matter what your origins are. Burgess’s unique style of writing, each character has his own chapter, adds to the story.

Billy Elliot is a teenager, living in a mining town, who is determ- ined to win at least one boxing match. But one day he discovers ballet, and feels a great passion for it. His teacher sees in him a great talent, so she decides to help him go to the London Royal Ballet Company. But his family does not comprehend this rash decision, and even opposes his ascension to glory. This quotation shows it: "F*** you!" he yelled at me. This is only part of the conversation Billy and his brother had. So this novel isn’t only nice words and happy events. Be prepared for lots of slang and rude comments. To worsen matters, the miners are on strike and are being impoverished rapidly, so Billy’s father tries to help his son attain a bright future by raising money to go to an audition.

Throughout all his adventures, Billy is faithfully accompanied by his gay friend Michael,who also faces difficulties coming to terms with his homosexuality. His family is another case, his dad has a hard time adapting to the situation but realises that his son’s future lies in the path of ballet.

Overall, Billy Elliot is a quite emotional and sentimental book which shows the difficulties for a boy to do such an unusual activity .