Burn My Heart by Beverley Naidoo

lundi 26 mai 2008
par  Maxime W
popularité : 2%

Set in the heart of South Africa at a time when white and black means rich and poor, two boys around the same age discover the adventure of life. Matthew is a white boy aged 11 and works on his father’s farm. Mugo also works on the land, but is black and is not the farm owner’s son.

The boys are very close and trust each other with their lives until a secret South African service, the Mau Mau, tries to steal their farm land. Each boy has to defend himself with a series of lies and treacherous acts. We see the two boys destroy their friendship, their lives and even themselves.

Personnally I really enjoyed this book even though I found it hard to follow at times and had to re-read the passages again to fully understand them. The book is very sophisticated, detailed and also compellingly realistic. I recommend this book to any adventure lovers above the age of 13.