Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

lundi 26 mai 2008
par  Oriana L
popularité : 2%

Seventeen year old Isabella Swan leaves her mum and her home sweet home (Phoenix), to go live in the gloomy city of Forks with her dad. New house, new car (if you can call it new), new school, new friends and a new "devastatingly, inhumanly beautiful" boy with a pale marble-like skin, dark eyes and bronze-coloured hair". The kind of boy with a face "you never expected to see except perhaps on the airbrushed pages of a fashion magazine". As Isabella begins to discover more and more about this intriguing boy and his family, her life takes new directions.

Stephenie Meyer presents the reader with a well known, traditional character, adding to it a personal touch : more grace and compassion. Suspense, fantasy and romance, Meyer will raise in us a whole set of feelings through this extraordinary novel, which will keep you up reading until you’re done with it.