Mad Dogs / Robert Muchamore

Monday 26 May 2008
by  Fanny K
popularity : 3%

"Mad Dogs", one of the latest novels of the Cherub series, leads to a world we could easily compare to ours, apart from the fact we are dealing with 6 to 16 year old secret agents. It is with stunning realism that Robert Muchamore deals with modern and intriguing plots.

Who would suspect a child who controls perfectly martial arts, judo and karate? Who would expect a boy or girl to know how to deal with impossible situations? No one! This is why Cherub, a British top secret organization, was founded.

The British underworld is controlled by gangs. One of them, Mad Dogs, has taken on alarming proportions. This is why Cherub intervenes. James Adams, one of their best agents, is sent to infiltrate the group. He should have access to conclusive evidence which would lead Mad Dogs to an undoubtable end. James’ mission would end there. But James always goes further:"Should he go back to the campus? ...definitely not!” This time, will it lead him to rewards or…death?

Reading "Mad Dogs" is like jumping in a pool of suspense, sorrow and joy. If you like action, love stories and plots, then this novel is just for you.