Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan

Monday 26 May 2008
by  Joe F
popularity : 2%

This fantastically gripping book is focused on 16 year old, Paul’s love life. He’s gay and has known it all his life. He has been comfortable with it since he was labeled "most definitely gay" by his kindergarten teacher. He is popular, has a lot of good friends, a lot of fun and is enjoying life.

"Then he meets Noah and things become complicated". Nothing’s the same. He is surprised at the way everyone is changing around him and he does his best to keep up with the confusing and unexpected events piling up in front of him.

D. Levithan explains the difficulties, complications and confrontations of a teenager’s life in a relaxed, insightful, unusual yet effective way. Though the main character is gay, "Boy Meets Boy" is not a book aimed exclusively at gay teenagers but for anyone wanting a good laugh.

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