Camouflage / Murray Bail

mercredi 14 juin 2006
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This book is a collection of three short, simple, but well-written and interesting stories : Camouflage, The Seduction of my Sister, and The Drover’s Wife.

The Drover’s Wife is a story about the narrator looking at a picture of his wife, Hazel, who left him and his two children some time ago. He looks into his past life, her strange character and her "silly streak" (repeated several times in the story). Even though it has happened a time ago he is still hurt and we feel a strong resentment through his writing. This feeling is never told openly but is conveyed to the reader through an impressively written description and a remarkably true and believable character.

In Camouflage, Banjeree is a piano tuner that goes to war and must paint with other men a military base for camouflage. As he lives with the other soldiers he looks back at his life and at the people he lived with, especially his wife, and little by little he realises that he did not enjoy his "ex-life" and his views on life take a drastic change.

I will let you judge for yourself the third story, which is equally good.

I enjoyed this book throughout thanks to its simple writing, its easy-read and most of all its complex thinking and believable characters that make you take part in the story instead of being a simple spectator. The reader is taken aback and will read the book in one go without putting it down.

This book is suitable for any age or sex group, children and adults, boys and girls, men and women, anybody can read and enjoy this book.

For all these reasons I give the story four stars out of five.