"Mansfield Park" by Jane Austen

Thursday 3 January 2008
by  Elsa H H
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Jane Austen, a famous 19th century writer of rather long novels about marriages, rich families and love. We all know the story! But have you ever read one? Well here, take a peak at her least famous story "Mansfield Park", an incredible journey through time, which brings you right in the middle of the 19th century!

Fanny Price, a timid, gentle and romantic young girl is raised by her aunt and uncle, the Bertrams who are the wealthy owners of Mansfield Park. She grows up with her cousins Maria and Julia, two spoilt sisters, the irresponsible Tom and her sensible and favorite cousin Edmund. In this family, our heroine is treated as inferior (of course, there had to be a problem...). Only the caring Edmund is there to comfort her. Over time, Fanny’s recognition and gratitude for his kindness evolves into love.

Soon after Sir Thomas Bertram’s departure, who believes in distance "as well as pride",and the arrival of Mary and Henry Crawford, two exciting characters, a series of inappropriate relationships, teenage flirting and complicated situations will start. This will then, as always for Austen’s books, lead to unexpected marriage proposals and of course, related difficulties.

Meanwhile, we are here, reading it page after page, enjoying the decline of this family and loving all the problems they are confronted with.You always find a way to understand and have fun watching these young people ..