Nineteenth Century Short Stories

Monday 31 December 2007
by  Maximilian MC
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This collection of short stories from the nineteenth century; with authors such as Charles Dickens, Guy de Maupassant and Thomas Hardy; represents a wonderful and tasteful bunch of nineteenth century tales.

Philip grows ever more nervous about announcing to his single mother that he is engaged to his girlfriend Agnes. But when he arrives at his mother’s to spend his Christmas with her, he finds that it won’t be the same as before. His mother, who is as excited as a small child, has already layed the table for three. He supposes then that the news of his engagement has already reached his mother and Agnes is also invited, but when his "Uncle Nixon" arrives, his expectations are a lot different.

Two poor families, very much alike, the Tuvaches and the Vallins, who live next door to each other both have four children. But "one August afternoon", a young woman and her husband drive up by the two cottages. When they see the two youngest boys playing in the street they are instantly drawn to them. They then decide to buy the children of the family, but only the Vallins accept their offer. As time goes on the Vallins become rich whereas the Tuvaches stay poor; but which one will regret what they did...or what they didn’t do?

These are only two of the nineteenth century stories of this astonishing book which vary from the life of women amongst men to the making of choices. They are all filled with unpredictable turning points, various different endings and from the very start we are brought, hand in hand by the author, into the world of the nineteenth century. You will find that these fast paced short stories, with unexpected twists of plot, are light, humorous and pleasant pieces of nineteenth century writing.