The Time Machine, H.G Wells

Sunday 6 January 2008
by  Al.
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For centuries, scientists have wondered if it is possible to travel through time, to visit the dinosaurs, or to fly a spaceship. Can it be done? In this novel, H.G Wells describes the future as a fascinating place, but also a terrifying one.

The time traveller, a man of crazy and abstract ideas, believes that there is a fourth dimension : time. From this theory he builds a machine capable of travelling through time, and with it he launches himself to the year 802701. To his surprise he finds the descendant of man; a race called the Eloi. Transformed over the years by the desire for comfort, they are weak, fragile and afraid of what lives in the dark. Shortly after arriving in the future, the scientist’s time machine vanishes and he finds out that another descendant of man, called the Morlocks, have taken it. Transformed by living in darkness, these monkey-like beings feast on the Eloi and can’t stand the daylight. So the Time Traveller sets out to save his time machine and save himself.

With suspense, mystery, perilous events, creepy characters and an original plot, H.G Wells grips the reader’s attention to the very end. Detailed very carefully, he gives a clear image of what the dreadful Morlocks look like, or how the Eloi react to the Time Traveller. A must-read, but to be read carefully to enjoy it.

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