Great Expectations/Charles Dickens

Monday 31 December 2007
by  Boris G
popularity : 2%

This classic book, set in 1810, depicts the life of a young orphan, Pip, brought up by his strict and unloving sister and her husband, the kind-hearted blacksmith Joe.

One day, a wealthy but embittered and double-crossed old woman, Miss Havisham, makes Pip come to her mansion, where he meets her beautiful ward, Estella, brought up to seek revenge against "the male sex". Very quickly, Pip falls in love with her. Unfortunately, Estella goes abroad to be educated and Pip starts his apprenticeship with Joe. Years later, Pip is informed that an anonymous benefactor -who later makes himself known- has provided money for him to be educated as a gentleman in London, where he meets Estella again.

Wealth and poverty, love and bitterness and imprisonment are the strongest themes of Charles Dickens’ novel. Its being relatively slow and complicated may discourage you, nontheless its quality, especially its rich vocabulary, should make you understand why this book is a well-known classic.