Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Monday 31 December 2007
by  Claire B G
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"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife."

So begins Jane Austen’s most popular novel - "Pride and Prejudice"in which Jane Austen takes us through the lives and loves of Jane, Elizabeth and their family and friends in this most sparkling of her novels.

When Mr Bingley, a rich and handsome young man arrives in the neighbourhood where the Bennet family lives, Mrs. Bennet, the mother of five girls is delighted and immediately selects him for one of her daughters, lovely and sweet tempered - Jane. Unfortunately, Bingley’s friend, Mr Darcy- a very wealthy man, yet proud, imperious and arrogant- persuades Mr Bingley that Jane is not serious and that he should go find someone else.

Elizabeth (Lizzie), Jane’s sister, thinks that Jane and Mr Bingley are perfect for each other, and is furious when she realizes that Mr Darcy is keeping them apart. She concludes that Darcy " is the last man on earth I could ever be persuaded to marry" and confirms it when he proposes, attracted to her in spite of his "better judgement".

But fate brings Darcy and Lizzie together and she starts to realize there is another side of this man and that he is "the best man she has ever known". She sees that her first impression of Darcy’s "pride", was, well, "prejudiced".

Jane Austen may have written this book 200 years ago, yet it is still very relevant today. She weaves together a delicate and moving plot, whose heart-warming conclusion creates an optimistic idea of the book. The beautiful language adds to the lively atmosphere of the novel and this book also has the ability to make you laugh and cry and eventually bring you to a state where nothing can stop you from reading (I dare say, not even chocolate) I really recommend it to everyone! Enjoy!