Tess of the D’Urbervilles

Monday 31 December 2007
by  Alice D
popularity : 2%

Teenagers don’t usually pick up a book like this one. Its sophisticated language may be complicated for young readers to understand, but once started, this novel is interesting and captivating to reveal.

Women had a hard time living in the Victorian era ; they weren’t allowed to make their own choices and decide things for themselves. Tess Durbeyfield,the young heroine of this novel, leads such a life in a society where women her age were only useful for keeping the children and making money for the family. She is mistreated and neglected by the dying rural society in which she lives, making this story the tragic reality of what things really were like back in those days. This is what makes the story interesting: we realize that this was how life really was for farming women in Victorian times.

The difficulty of this book made it hard to enjoy for me, but passages of it kept it alive and going. However, don’t think that this book was just boring and un-interesting. It was different to what I was accustomed to reading, and this difference was what made it interesting. Just one tip: pick up this book, read at least a little before deciding it’s too difficult, because you’ll have read an important classic, enjoyable after all.