The Wessex Tales by Thomas Hardy

Wednesday 2 January 2008
by  Lucie B
popularity : 2%

"People die, but books never die."

So why when we think of a classic, do we also think of interminable plots, and complicated vocabulary?

A farmer, a princess desperate for love, a soldier wanting to quit the army and a poor wife in jail...Hardy uses many different types of characters; in each tale there are always various problems, but usually based around love, war or disagreements between the community.

Not all of the first chapters of these short tales go straight into the story, instead they give facts about history and what famous events took place. The "Wessex Tales" is mostly short stories that mention famous historical characters like Napoleon Bonaparte in "A Tradition Of 1804". In this book many of the tales are different and similar at the same time and this is one of the reasons why it is so popular. For example in " The Withered Arm" The main character is a woman who wants to marry the man she loves, but then after a tragic and suprising action she goes to jail. On the other hand in " A Tradition Of Eighteen Hundred And Four" two men discover the plans of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The thought of reading a classic might put a noticed in your mind of how lengthy and difficult the story is going to be but after all, you will find out that these tales are very captivating and full of action. Throughout all of the tales the suspense, love, and tension is what will make them enchanting and thrilling to read.