Erewhon by Samuel Butler

Saturday 5 January 2008
by  Matias G
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Erewhon By Samuel Butler

"Fading away therein were plains, on which I could see many a town and city, with buildings that had lofty steeples and rounded domes. "

This is what the hero of our novel, a young traveler, sees when he arrives on the summit of Mount Shinaï : a beautiful expanse of land with typical Italian towns. But is this as beautiful as it seems?

This is what Samuel Butler is going to answer throughout this novel, where a young English man goes to New Zealand in search of wealth, but unfortunately embarks on a long voyage: a voyage to Erewhon. After several days he accidentally discovers a lost civilization : the civilization of Erewhon. There, our hero, is going to be imprisoned, released, put on trial all because he was caught in possession of... a watch. Quickly our hero is going to discover the bizarre laws and morals of this country. A country where morality is turned upside down, crime is treated as a disease and sickness as a crime punished by the court of Erewhon! A land where poverty and sadness are punished and where all new technologies have been destroyed because of a strange prophecy : The Book of Machines. Is our hero going to be able to survive in this hostile land? Is he going to be able to escape?

In this colorful novel the ingredients, action and adventure, are mixed together to make a delicious novel. A novel not to be devoured, but to be savoured.