Moonfleet by J. Meade Falkner

Monday 31 December 2007
by  Alex M
popularity : 1%

Could you ever possibly resist the temptation of a bright, red, walnut-like crystal curdled in your palm? "But all that glitters is not gold."

Although aware of the dangers, John Trenchard, a young adult , devotes his life in the long search of subtle secrets that lead him on the path of this cursed treasure ; belonging to the powerful Mohune family that once had control of the island of Moonfleet. But, drawn into the dangerous, secretive world of smugglers it is not long before he and Elzevir Block (John’s "father") are forced to flee.

Nevertheless, the inseparables soon track down the diamond and discover this cursed beauty, and also gain a fantastic sum of 70 pounds (a lot in those days!) pinned to their heads ’dead or alive’. But it won’t be their only mishaps of the day. Conned out of the gem by a filthy diamond-buyer, the two end up spying on him, matching their "sham" with a dozen others of his own, "thrice as small as mine". For John it seems as if the curse of the diamond is always with him and will be for as many years before he returns to Moonfleet ; although fate has a final hand to play.

This superb story with its themes of adventure and its gripping storyline captivates the reader’s attention and engages his emotion through suspense, mystery and surprise. Its simple and realistic style, unfolding plots, and suspense make this story the perfect ’first classic’ for everyone.