Wuthering Heights, by Emily Brontë

Thursday 13 September 2007
by  Emilie D
popularity : 2%

Cathy has always been a shy, reserved girl, but when her father adopts a young boy called Heathcliff, she becomes as wild and untamed as him. She builds a friendship that shall resist the jealousy and hatred of the rest of the family. A few years later, when her father dies, Cathy is separated from Heathcliff who, by the death of Cathy’s father, has lost his protector and is treated like a servant.

Their relationship is soon to change when one night Cathy is saved by the Lintons , a family living near them, after having been bitten by a dog. She comes back after a few months completely changed. She is now a lady and it doesn’t take long for Edgar Linton to propose. She accepts, but, deep down, she knows towards whom her heart inclines. Two men, one love, will she know how to decript the message her heart sends her?

An epic novel with a complicated love story, the kind that doesn’t happen to everybody... Hatred and love, two different things that go together in this book.