Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Thursday 13 September 2007
by  Andrew H
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Frankenstein is an aptly named classic of English literature, and a must read for anyone interested in science. It is a book about a man trying to gain the powers of a god, by bestowing the greatest gift anyone can receive : the gift of life! Dr. Victor von Frankenstein revives a dead body, but the creature he creates grows vengeful. Even romantic themes run throughout this novel making it a fixing read.

A brilliant novel from the 19th century, characterized by its well written and interesting imagery. After reading it, people will see life in a new light.

Remember, Frankenstein is the doctor ; NOT THE MONSTER!!!

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Thursday 13 September 2007 agrave 13h45, by  (^°^)

"Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley is a book full of suspense. After a mysterious experiment designed to bring an artificial being to life, Dr. Victor Frankenstein’s life becomes a nightmare since the experiment goes terribly wrong as his creation is out to kill him and his family.

The book is a horror story, but scares the reader only to a certain extent, not like modern horror novels. It turns out to be a thrilling adventure following Dr Frankenstein’s struggle to protect the ones he loves. Mary Shelley’s writing is convincing and reading the book is an entertaining experience. I recommend this book to any one who would like to read a story combining suspense and love in an intelligent way.