Mister Monday by Garth Nix

Thursday 13 September 2007
by  Guillaume G
popularity : 2%

Mister Monday is the introduction of a series called ’The keys to the kingdom’ and is about a 14 year old boy named ArthurPenhaligon,who,in the middle of a cross country run, is hit by a fatal asthma attack.just before his dying moment, a stranger by the name of Mister Monday appears out of nowhere and hands him a key in the shape of the minute hand of a clock.But instead of dying, he finds himself healed of any asthma problems whatsoever.but ,the second the boy touched the key, he finds heself stuck in an adventure where he’ll be chased by monsters across universes and dimensions taking him to the heart of the world. The authors style is very effective since he uses simple language and some complex to keep things understandable and fast paced enticing the reader.The book is aimed for all ages of people who are attracted to novels containing magic and adventure. I would recommend this book to fans of Harry Potter and Lord of the rings since it contains ressemblances to these. the novel contains many wild settings ,each more ludicrous than the last such as a big black endless pit and hills with doors that pop up from nowhere.I highly recommend this book to the public since it is breath taking from the very first page.