Tell Me What You See by Zoran Drvenkar

lundi 4 juin 2007
par  Guillaume G
popularité : 4%

Attempting to find your father’s grave during a cold Christmas morning with a snow storm blowing isn’t the most convenient way to start the day. To make matters worse, Alissa falls in a crevice and finds herself in a tombstone where a curious black plant has made a hole in a coffin. Unable to resist temptation, Alissa unwillingly takes hold of the plant and eats it. Following this event, Alissa is cursed : she sees humans that fly high in the sky, yet anyone else would just recognise them as crows. Her kiss turns humans into mindless slaves that follow her wherever she is and do whatever she says. Alissa herself changes ; luckily it is winter, so all she must do is go outside to cease the immense burning pain which invades her. But everything that is happening to Alissa, only she is able to see, so the others can only think she has gone crazy. But is it really Alissa becoming crazy, or is it the others that are unknowing ?

What makes this novel an interesting read is the different point of views of different characters, so we are able to see what they all think individually about a given situation. But even with an omniscient point of view, the reader cannot understand everything happening until it is explained. Not only will the characters in the novel go mad, but so will the person reading it.