My Swordhand is Singing - Marcus Sedgewick

lundi 4 juin 2007
par  Siddarth M
popularité : 2%

"My Swordhand is Singing" : a title which suggests battles to come : but against what ? Swords will be useful in this story against the nosferatu, beings neither living nor dead, and whose sole purpose is to kill all beings who possess the life they relish.

Peter is a woodcutter, son of Tomas, a reserved and often drunk man who has made Peter travel from town to town since he was young, never staying too long in the same place. But since they have arrived at Chust, his father seems more at peace and Peter starts to hope they are going to stay in this town where he has met the lovely Agnes. Yet this peace is short-lived : a man is found dead in the forest near the town, people start mysteriously disappearing, and a band of gypsies, including the attractive young Sofia, comes to town, talking to Tomas and the council of the village, warning them of an inimaginable menace. What are these undead beings ? Who are the gypsies who know so much ? And what secret is Tomas hiding ?

A book written in a beautiful style, including precise descriptions of setting and characters, delving deep into the narrator, Peter’s mind, with a fast-moving pace and a building of suspense which creates a depth of plot and character psychology including an evolution of thought throughout the story. The only reproach I can make is the fact that the book leaves us with a feeling of unsatisfaction, making us want a continuation !