Untrustworthy friends by Yann Vincent-Sweet Second Prize Winner

Monday 26 November 2007
by  Yann V-S
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[*In the mysterious realm of wordy language,

Encased in the deeper part of my unique mind,

They lie discreet, with their surroundings they blend;

Though possibly tamed, their nature stays savage.*]

As they wait in their pretended dormance,

At every opportunity onto the tongue they spring,

And though for normal people it sounds wrong,

For us bilinguals it comes as another convenience.

[*These friends of mine do row my brain’s grey boat,

But I will never trust them to make it float.

Hélas, they are anchored to my inner self

And too often they overpower the rudder in my mouth.*]

Then I lose control of my tongue altogether,

I am submerged by a flurry of words,

A flow of false friends;

Out of this mix and broil a new language is born:

Frenglish or Franglais - both are right, now.

[*I am no longer sensed enough to be sensible,

And actually I am looking at the eventuality

That pens use anchor and boats use inks. *]

These confusions I experiment every day,

Et tu?

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