Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

Monday 4 June 2007
by  Yann V-S
popularity : 2%

This story is set in England at the end of the 20th century where thirty-one year-old Kathy is an itinerant carer for some ’donors’. She tells us of her childhood and adolescence as a ’student’ at Hailsham School with the guardians, her best friend Ruth and Tom. She looks retrospectively at her life there, with its conversations, arguments and discoveries about an obscure truth. This truth about themselves and their future - kept from Kathy as a child and from us as a reader - will direct their lives.

"But she was afraid of us in the same way someone might be afraid of spiders." What makes the children at Hailsham so different that an adult might be scared ?

When I was reading this novel, I had to remind myself of the fictive side of the plot to stop myself from believing it to be an autobiography. This may not touch everyone, though, being devoid of real action with a slow pace. Kazuo Ishiguro treats the themes of growing up, society and love in a very sensitive way, with a deep understanding of relationships, creating this intelligent, profound and moving story.