Silverthorn- by Raymond E.Feist

Monday 4 June 2007
by  Joseph S
popularity : 1%

"Silverthorn", the second volume of Raymond E. Feist’s first series, The Riftwar series, is a gripping and entertaining fantasy novel. Set in Midkemia, the world in which all of his tales are told, it tells of the voyage of Arutha, the Prince of Krondor, and his companions in their quest to find a cure for Anita, the princess who was poisoned on her wedding day.

Raymond E. Feist is a skilled writer. The plot of the book has nearly no flaw, and everything beyond the real world is explained in detail, at one moment or another, to the reader’s satisfaction. He succeeds in keeping the suspense and the reader entertained during the course of the novel.

Although the book can be picked up and easily read, the previous novel "Magician" contains background information needed for better comprehension of certain details.

An interesting book because of its concept and style, "Silverthorn" begins the plot in Raymond E. Feist’s next book, "A Darkness at Sethanon". I would advise this book to teenagers who enjoy this kind of novel and have already read "Magician".