The Hound of the Baskervilles / Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Monday 4 June 2007
by  Joe F
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A thrilling tale of mystery and hidden family members arising from the dead, this novel is an easy read for beginners but at the same time a compelling story filled with intrigue and suspense, worthy of the most demanding reader.

As we follow Sherlock Holmes, seen through his assistant’s eyes - the loveable Dr Watson - we discover a world where no death can be left unexplained and everyone has a secret yet to be unveiled...

Following Sir Charles Baskervilles’s mysterious death, Dr Watson and Mr Holmes are called in to investigate the surroundings and protect the young heir to the Baskerville fortune from a devilish hound, alledgedly responsible for the deaths of all the late Baskerville family. So we discover a neighbourhood of villains and damsels all hiding precious information which the famous detective will soon reveal along with the man hiding behind the hound...

This novel is exciting, entrancing, appealing and I believe it would make an excellent moment of entertainment as well as cultural enrichment for anyone and everyone.

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Monday 17 December 2007 agrave 09h49, by  (^°^)

A death. Murder or accident? Probably accident, maybe murder. Sir Charles Baskerville, a rich philanthropist lord , has just died near the gates of Baskerville Hall’s moor. Supposedly , a curse reigns upon the Baskervilles, set by Hugo Baskerville who was himself a victim of it: a hound "larger than any hound that mortal eye has rested upon, a hound with "blazing eyes and dripping jaws", a "savage" hound teared him apart, and would from then on do the same to any Baskerville who dares venture on the moor. A legend - yet a legend that Doctor Mortimer, a close friend of Sir Charles, has seen on the night of the death. But when his successor, Sir Henry, is called to take up his position, he sees that he is being eavesdropped by a man, and calls upon Sherlock Holmes to find out who this man is and if there really is a Baskerville Hound. Watson, his assistant, is sent to accompany Sir Charles and make sure nothing unfortunate will happen to him. Yet during the first moments of their visit, they hear "an incredibly sad howl", that Watson certifies as having come from a dog. Then they discover that Selden, the Notting Hill murderer has escaped from prison and is surely lurking in the moor. Then they discover the reason for which Sir Charles had entered the moor and had died.. Throughout their whole adventure, the howl comes back, the perpetrator preparing to strike without anyone doubting of him.

This book is as fast paced as Anthony Horrowitz’s "Ark Angel", as intriguing as "NCIS: Enquetes Spéciaux", as astonishing as a surprise birthday party. With its description it lets us imagine a fantastic plot , with its subtle hints, it becomes an interactive activity to try to solve the mystery.

Will you try to solve Sherlock Holmes most astounding case? The ending is far from being classic; it has surely revolutionized its genre. A great enjoy that you will not forget soon.