The Year the Gypsies Came (Linzi Glass)

Monday 4 June 2007
by  Elena R
popularity : 2%

Emily Iris lives in Johannesburg with her caring sister Sarah, her indifferent father Bob and her frivolous mother Lily, who married her husband for no apparent reason other than being a matching surname. She suffers greatly from her parents’ constant arguments and finds comfort and love in her only sibling and in the wise Zulu nightwatchman Buza, who fills her emotional "cracks" with "honey-glue" by telling her tales from his home country, Zululand. They are all far from imagining what they are about to experience when Streak and Otis, two adolescent boys, and their parents Jo and Peggie move into their front garden with their caravan. Emily wonders if, this time, "it takes not one house guest, but a whole family to make [her] parents get along." The "strange gypsy family" cast a spell over Emily and her family, changing their lives forever, as Emily struggles to find happiness and family life despite her absent father and her flirtatious mother and thanks to her new friend Streak.

We discover the story through Emily’s poignant and moving point of view while the poetic and lyrical style of the novel makes it a pleasure to read. Linzi Glass guides us through an unforgettable voyage to a world of magnificence, mystery and magic.