Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy

Wednesday 28 November 2007
by  Milene J
popularity : 2%

Set across the fields, roads and cottages of Weatherbury, this book is centred upon the romances of Bathsheba Everdene, a beautiful young woman who inherits her uncle’s farm after his death. There, she will become involved with three different men : Gabriel Oak, a farmer who saves her life one evening ; Mr.Boldwood, a rich and handsome widower and Sergeant Troy, a soldier.

Twists in the plot and series of fortunate - or unfortunate - events will bring her to confide in one of the men who will become her lover. This will result in causing three deaths and a life imprisonment.

I found the story a bit long at times, even though the plot is rich and varied. It is easy to associate with the characters and understand their thoughts and feelings due to the description at each meeting with the main character. An unforgettable story for those who enjoy reading romances.