The Return of the Native/Thomas Hardy

Thursday 13 September 2007
by  Maia F
popularity : 2%

Hardy’s exalting novel tells the entwining lives of many different people around the young, exotic and mysterious Eustacia Vye. She’s always seeking to get away from the mundane life she leads, including having illicit affairs with the very fickle innkeeper : Damon Wildeve. She later meets Clym Yeobright and they hastily marry while Damon marries the angelic Thomasin Yeobright, Clym’s cousin. They each live happily for some time, but, the calmness is interrupted by a thundering storm leaving wreckage and tragedy in most of the character’s lives.

’The Return of the Native’ is a remarkable novel that accurately recounts the lives of people living in the 19th century. Despite its length and elaborate vocabulary, its veracity and thought-provoking subject make this book captivating and a definite must-read.