Water Supplies

Thursday 13 September 2007
by  Daniel C
popularity : 2%

"Water Supplies" explains, as you can tell by the title, about the water supplies, and their problems, all over the world. Unfortunately the title makes me, and probably makes you, want to put the book down before even having opened the first page.

Find out why 99% of all drinking water is man made. Each page has a nifty action station which catches your attention and ewplains how the solve the problem shown before. The book is set ou simply: the problems we have now-adays in different parts of the world; and then, as the book progresses, it shows us the possible solutions that are already being carried out by various organizations?

Another succes published by Action for the Environment; if given the choice I would definitly read some more of their books. A book full of extraordinary facts, "Water Supplies" is a book you msut read which contains some fascinating facts.