Keeping the Air Clean

Wednesday 4 April 2007
by  Simon F
popularity : 2%

If only we all knew that in 100 years, the Earth will be 4°C warmer ; if only we all knew how hazardous smog and air pollution are ; if only we all knew that we could save our ozone layer by 2050, then we might all read “Keeping the Air Clean” which provides us with these facts.

By enlightening us on the importance of our atmosphere and its influence on Earth, this book informs the reader of the dangers of air pollution and CFC’s. Each page deals with an important topic, showing interesting photographs, well detailed diagrams and the definitions of the scientific words.

This short read from the “Protecting our Planet” series removes the smog from over our eyes to reveal the measures that we should take in order to save our planet : by using economical lightbulbs or recycling,for example. This non-fiction book is a pleasure to read, due to its clear-to-understand images and the easy language used by the author. This book can help us all to keep the air clean and consequently lead healthier lives.