Transport Solutions

Wednesday 4 April 2007
by  Aaron S
popularity : 2%

This wonderful, non-fiction book opens our eyes to transport and the problems that it can cause.

You see, power and fuel -essential to transport- are rapidly disapearing, so that in about 50 years time, fossil fuels (such as petrolium)will no longer be available or will sell for exhorbitant prices. Also the ozone layer is in danger, and because of greenhouse gases and exhaust fumes the planet is becoming warmer.

The book is attractive and contains diagrams and pictures, offering a clear presentation of the problems. On each page there is an "Actions Stations" box, informing the reader about what he can do.

The book is a must read, maybe not for pleasure, but for saving our beloved planet.I found the book fascinating and informative, thanks to clear and concise explanations.