Animal Kind

Wednesday 4 April 2007
by  Loïc P
popularity : 2%

"Animal Kind" by Early Times lists all the ways humans torture animals, explaining that animals are under ’threat as a result of human activity’ ,with figures, precise 15 years ago. Each of the 6 sections is introduced by a letter from a young child wanting to save animals ; then for each animal,how they suffer and what we can do about it are explained .

If 15 years ago, you wanted to know : how come wildlife is scarcer ; which animal sports are unfriendly to animals ; how your make-up or leather jacket eviscerated animals ; all the horrors of animal farming ; the best way to keep your pet alive and how to become a vegetarian : in 20 hours of monotonous reading, this book is made for you. The book needs a make-over, but unfortunately there weren’t quite enough brand new glossy books on the environment to go round the whole class. I get first choice next time!