Private Peaceful / Michael Morpurgo

Wednesday 4 April 2007
by  Raffaella E
popularity : 3%

The adult Thomas Peaceful, is going to look back upon his childhood to tell us an emotional, dramatic and wonderful story set during the Great War.

The story is mainly about the relationship between Tommo and his older brother Charlie Peaceful. Charlie is called up to fight in the First World War but, Tommo wants to volunteer so that he can impress the girl he loves : Molly.

Throughout the book Tommo will make mistakes but his biggest one is choosing to go to war : "I’m overwhelmed by fear, numbed by it..." he admits.

At this point conflicts will grow between Charlie and him, and he will discover many things about his beloved brother leaving him feeling confused.

This spectacular book by Michael Morpurgo has really impressed me. I was captivated and deeply moved by the story.I think everyone should read it : girls as well as boys, even if at times it was extremely sad.