The Passion Flower Massacre/ Nicola Morgan

Thursday 22 March 2007
by  Katherine W
popularity : 1%

Mathilda’s only wish is to get away from her over-protective, possessive and watchful parents’ home and forget a difficult childhood. Mathilda’s idea of the perfect place to go off to and lead her own life is the Devon fruit farm.

Two of Mathilda’s friends, who travel with her, quickly desert her. "Mathilda had never felt more alone." This is the start of all her problems. Other unfortunate events follow and lead to the odd friendship between Mathilda and the workers on the fruit farm, especially Maggie. For Mathilda they are Beautiful People, but are the Beautiful People to be trusted (or not)? They seem so kind, loving and amiable, but act in a queer way, without Mathilda realising.

In this book you jump from the present, 2004, to the future, 2029, which gives the book an interesting structure.

A beautifully written, exciting book and an excellent read.