Smokescreen / Bernard Ashley

Thursday 3 May 2007
by  Paul B
popularity : 2%

Smokescreen starts suddenly, excitingly and thrillingly when Ellie moves near a pub where her troubles begin. Just living her life causes Ellie many problems.

The nights at the pub, innocent at first sight, gradually become evil, dangerous and sinister when Ellie starts to get herself into trouble.

The girl’s troubles are all caused by an evil gang , who hang around in the pub every Friday night. Her escape will be hard but Ellie knows "she can fight her own battles." Will she make it? Will she be able to stop this mischievous pack? And will she get everyone to know about the dealings that take place at the Regent’s Arms? Or won’t she need to?

This thriller, perfect for teenagers, will catch your attention right from the first page. The words in this book, which sound just right, fit perfectly with the theme.