Tokyo: All Alone in the Big City / Graham Marks

Thursday 22 March 2007
by  Flora L
popularity : 2%

When his older sister is reported missing by her best friend while they are visiting Tokyo, eighteen year-old Adam just “can’t stand waiting for the time to be right”, to fly halfway across the world in order to find her.

After dramatically getting expelled from his community college, and fighting with his parents, he jets off to Japan on a journey that will change his family’s life forever. Just mix together mafia gangsters, bars, and a dishonest best friend and you end up with Graham Mark’s novel "Tokyo: All Alone in the Big City", which will easily capture the attention of young adults.

While enjoying this well-written novel, I thought that it was quite hard to believe. The story is fast-moving and the author does an amazing job at creating suspense concerning the older sister and a thriller that you just can’t seem to put down until you have finished reading.

If you are ready to begin an adventure that just keeps on getting better, then this novel is the right one for you.