Girl in the Attic / Valerie Mendes

Thursday 22 March 2007
by  Alice D
popularity : 1%

Moving to Cornwall was the worst thing that could happen to 13 year-old Nathan Fieldings...or was it? The town’s cliffs, cottages and unpierced mysteries soon charm Nathan and also leave him wondering about the place when he discovers "the girl in the attic". She enchants him into her world of worries, troubles and secrets where he will discover who this mysterious girl really is, what she is doing in the town and why.

This excellent and incomparable story puts us in Nathan’s shoes as we discover who he really is - and becomes. Valerie Mendes makes us reflect, react and create a bond with both the teenagers - the girl in the attic and the boy in the garden - as she unveils the strong bond (or bonds) that links (or link) them together.