How Hedley Hopkins Did a Dare / Paul Jennings

Friday 9 March 2007
by  Cyrielle A
popularity : 3%

Set on a beach near the Loony Bin, this story is seen through the eyes of a mysterious boy, called Hedley Hopkins. Jealous of a popular group of boys, Hedley will do anything to join them. But just how far will he go to be accepted in this attractive gang? To enter this circle he’ll have to accept a dare before knowing what it is.

Unfortunately, when he is near his goal, a bunch of loonies interfere at an inappropriate moment and he will have to put his family at danger to save his reputation.

This excellent book is full of suspense throughout the story, which entertains us with its mystery and action. This book, which may seem a bit weird at the beginning, will keep you reading until the end. A highly recommended book.