Heroes / Stynes Jim, Paul Currie, John Carnegie.

Thursday 22 March 2007
by  Boris T
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Being, or becoming a hero, doesn’t have to be something like : saving old women, having super powers or beating up a super bad guy. "Being a hero", can have a completely different meaning. But it is up to you, to find out what it truly is...

This "guide to realizing your dreams" is here to help you discover the amazing meaning of "being a hero". This book will teach you how to go on a journey like no other, to have a fight you’ve never fought, an adventure you’ll never forget. Will you be able to get through the obstacles awaiting you on your exceptional journey ? Discover an exciting "special world", who your "allies and enemies" really are and encounter your final challenge which might lead to your reward.

Don’t understand what I mean ? Then read the book which is one like no other. Prepare for a remarkable real-time adventure in which you will learn a lot about yourself.